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Kathy Green MA, LCPC

My philosophy is rooted in 3 pillars of commitment: first is truth, I seek to be a kind and insightful counselor, as such my interactions with clients are candid and honest, it is a core belief that we all need to hear the truth about our actions, our feelings and what we need to do to overcome the issues facing the client. This is reinforced through an experiential element in which the client is given exercises and homework assignments. The second, compassion. The third pillar is taken from the Greek philosophy of a "healthy mind and a healthy body" approach to mental wellness.

I am a Senior Mediator of Academy of Family Mediators, an Active member of Idaho Mediators Assn, an Active member of Idaho Mental Health Counselors Assn., an Active member of 12-step programs dealing with codependent relationships, I am also a  Member in good standing of the American Psychological Assn.

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